Need Some Help Organizing Google Docs?

Going Google Doc “Crazy?”  Add some organization to your Google Docs:

Google Docs can get a little unorganized if you don’t say on top of your files and the files that you share with others.  Here are a few tips on how to keep you, and others, from going Google Doc “Crazy.”

Tip 1: Create a folder structure for your personal Google Docs.  Google Drive: Access and organize your files

Tip 2: Doc naming is very important!  When choosing a name for a Google doc, be mindful of who you will be sharing it with, we are a multi-school District.  Other departments or the District Office staff might be on the sharing list for that particular document. 

– Ex. Creating a minutes document for an ACHS department meeting.   The second is confusing when anyone else but the members of your department look back at the document at a later date.

This: (ACHS + Department Name + Date + Meeting Minutes) =

AHCS Fine Arts 8-30-15 Meeting Minutes


This:  ( Date + Meeting Minutes ) =                                      

8-30-15 Meeting Minutes


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