Mastery Manager Comes To District 117

This fall, District 117 will begin the transition from a Scantron assessment platform called Achievement Series to Mastery Manager.  Mastery Manager has the capacity for teachers to design rubric-driven, short answer, multiple choice, performance, or free response assessments in a digital platform.  Furthermore, this new system allows for teachers and administrators to track student progress by standards across school years and courses.  Students can access mastery manager’s assessments through teacher printed answer sheets, rubrics, or online.

During the 2014/2015 school year, a team of curriculum leaders within District 117 assessed several alternatives to Achievement Series.  This team, comprised of Department Leaders, Building Administration and District Administration, unanimously decided that Mastery Manger would be the future of our District’s digital assessments.

Although teachers will have access to continue to utilize Scantron’s Achievement series through December of 2015, teachers will have opportunities to participate in professional development and pilot the use of Mastery Manger beginning this September.  Each school will have four high-speed scanners that teachers can use to scan answer sheets, surveys, or rubrics.  In addition, teachers will have immediate access to design and score online assessments.

All first semester final assessments will be delivered using Mastery Manager in December of 2015.  “The efficiencies gained by using a more current digital assessment system are amazing,” stated our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, David Bain.  “Our back office staff will no longer need to invest the many hours of time it takes to physically scan bubble answer cards.  This system allows for time savings for our office staff and instant grade results for our teachers, ultimately providing students with more real-time feedback for their primary assessments.”

To learn more about Mastery Manager, please visit thier homepage:

If you are teacher within District 117 and you are interested in being a part of an initial training this summer please contact Assistant Superintendent David Bain at the District 117


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