Technology Staffing Update

Your District 117 Technology Department is constantly evolving to bring you and our students the best technical support possible.  As a school district, we are faced with some future challenges with regards to data driven decision making.   To prepare for these challenges, we have to adjust our staffing and let our tech staff talents shine. 

Nicholas Schock has been supporting the students and staff within the LCHS building for several years and I will add that he has been doing an outstanding job!  Behind the scenes Nick has also been a key player in our development of data driven dashboards for our building administration, but only in a part time capacity which has limited our District’s progress.  With more and more decisions needing to be made based off of the data we have available, the demands for making sense out of this data are ever increasing.  Nick’s interest and advanced knowledge of data analysis tools makes this an easy decision. Nick will now be needed as a database admin/analyst for District 117 on a full time basis. 

This is an exciting and challenging time for our  Technology Department!  Challenges equal opportunity and we are excited to announce that Marcus Staples will get the opportunity to be the lead tech support personnel at LCHS.  Marcus joined our tech department during the 2014/2015 school year to design and implement our Tech Crew program for District 117.  Marcus will continue to develop the foundations of this program and begin to support the LCHS students and staff this winter. 

This should be understood by all staff to be a transition period.  Nick and Marcus will be working together over the course of the next two months to make this transition as seamless as possible.  You will see them together in the LCHS hallways, classrooms, labs and team rooms transferring knowledge and ensuring that staff and student requests are continually met. 

During the second semester Nick will be making the transition into a full time database admin/analyst for District 117.  If you see Nick and Marcus around give them some words of encouragement.  This will be challenging and exciting for both of them.


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