Internet Filter Guidelines

What system does the district use to block inappropriate web sites? 

The system is called Cymphonix. This system is an internal internet content filter that your district IT department manages internally.  The system reviews web sites and places them into categories.  Our district then selects which categories we want blocked. We also have the ability to block specific sites as well as unblock sites for specific users.

Why do we filter at all, can’t we just turn it off?

According to federal law, referred to as CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act), schools must provide filtering to protect students from inappropriate material, including pornography.  Schools are not required to block beyond this need, however, they may elect to do so.

Do we block more than is required by CIPA? 

Yes, we block beyond CIPA guidelines.  This includes social networking sites Facebook and MySpace.  Another category that is blocked are proxies.  Proxies are web based tools that enable users to by pass filtering systems –  these are blocked because it makes no sense to block pornography but yet allow users to access proxies.

Are the filters 100% accurate?

No.  No filtering system can ever be 100% accurate, all the time.  Web sites are constantly changing, which makes it impossible for filters to catch everything 100% of the time.

What categories are currently blocked in Community High School District 117?

Currently,  the following categories and specific domains are blocked…

Specific domains or websites that are blocked…



Categories that are blocked…

Porn –  Pornography related sites

Suspicous.script – Websites whose only content is javascript – frequently used to hide porn sites

Security.proxy – Web proxy servers and open SMTP relays.  Proxy web sites are used to bypass content filters.

Security.warez – Sites promoting illegal access and sharing of software and other copyrighted material

Security.phishing – Web sites of internet scams that try to get personal information

            Security.spyware – Spyware – advertising supported software

            Security.virus – Viruses, malware, trojans, backdoors, hacker tools

            Plagarism – Web sites that sell term papers, research papers, and other ways to help students cheat

I’ve heard that some individuals are allowed access to FaceBook, is this true? Yes, there are individuals who run/manage their school FaceBook sites and their supervisor has requested that they have access.

 What about other services such as streaming radio?  Streaming video and radios sites are not blocked.

What about YouTube, what is the district policy regarding YouTube?

We have not always allowed YouTube for staff and students. While there are certainly some ‘pointless’ videos on YouTube, teachers have commented that there remains many worthwhile, educational videos.  The 2013/2014 school year will be a year where some relaxed filtering of YouTube and other video streaming sites will be put in place.

If a website is blocked, what is the process to have it reviewed?

1) Visit the webpage online. When presented with the “Blocked by Cymphonix Systems” page, click on the link to submit a review.  Fill out your rationale for why this site should be available to staff and students.

2) The information on this form is first sent to your IT department, who reviews the form within an hour (during business hours).  They review the web site to ensure that the web site was categorized correctly.  For example, if the website was categorized as a porn web site, they check to verify that this categorization was correct.  If it was categorized incorrectly, they change the category, which will open up access to the site.  If the categorization is found to be accurate, then they will forward the request back to our school district, where it will be reviewed locally.

3) If the request is sent to the district, it will be reviewed by members of Teaching & Learning Services.

What if the web site is open and available and I want to see it blocked?

Send an email to the Director of Technology, Ryan Miles, , list the specific website and rationale for why it should be blocked.  If the site fits in our existing policy, it will be addressed by the Director of Technology. Otherwise, if you are asking for a new category/type of web site to be blocked, then he will involve the Assistant Principles of Curriculum in Teaching & Learning Services to assist with the decision.


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