Printing 101

Community High School District 117 has many printing options.  Below you will find details on how to print from a Windows 7 desktop/laptop, Google Chromebook and Macbook.
Windows 7 Printing:
If you are unable to print from a Windows desktop in the classroom or resource room you are, open windows explorer and paste this text into your windows explorer address bar:    
Yes…that is a Zero in the below url links. 
When at ACHS:  Paste this –       \\achs-pr01\
When at LCHS:  Paste this –        \\lchs-pr01\
Locate the room number that is nearest the room you are in, right click the printer and select connect.  You should now be able to select the destination printer you just connected to your workstation.  
Chromebook Printing: 
When printing from a Chromebook, you must use Google’s Cloud Print.  Below are the links to our ACHS and LCHS Google Cloud Printers.

ACHS Printers:

Deans A100

Room 157

ILC 200 South

room 257

LCHS Printers:

Room C110A

ILC C213 Copier

Macbook Printing:
To print from a Macbook, log into the self-service application.  Find the below icon in your applications and click on it.
Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.18.17 PM
Your user name is your:  first.last name
Your password is your network password.
Once you are in the self-service application, pick one of the printers that is available and near you to install.  Once installed, you can print to the newly connected printer from your desired application.
We are adding printers to this application daily, so if you don’t see a printer in the list that you really need, this is the reason.

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