Google Learning Center

Community High School District 117 has implemented Google Apps for Education! This is an addition to our classroom curriculum technology suite of applications.
Check out the resources below to help you get more aquatinted with this application set.  We have spent a lot of time gathering this material and we hope you benefit from this content.  Enjoy!

Going Google Doc “Crazy?”  Add some organization to your Google Docs:

Google Docs can get a little unorganized if you don’t say on top of your files and the files that you share with others.  Here are a few tips on how to keep you, and others, from going Google Doc “Crazy.”

Tip 1: Create a folder structure for your personal Google Docs.  Google Drive: Access and organize your filesGoogleDocs

Tip 2: Doc naming is very important!  When choosing a name for a Google doc, be mindful of who you will be sharing it with, we are a multi-school District.  Other departments or the District Office staff might be on the sharing list for that particular document. 

– Ex. Creating a minutes document for an ACHS department meeting.   The second is confusing when anyone else but the members of your department look back at the document at a later date.

This: (ACHS + Department Name + Date + Meeting Minutes) = AHCS Fine Arts 8-30-15 Meeting Minutes


This:  ( Date + Meeting Minutes ) =                                       8-30-15 Meeting Minutes


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